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Vibration Tester TIME®7240

Vibration Tester TIME®7240


Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: TIME
Model Number: 7240
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Detailed Product Description


● Three channels(CH1, CH2 and REV) available, the vibration of any two of the three directions (including X axis, Y axis and Z axis)can be tested.

● Five measuring modes: three parameters measuring (AVD mode), dynamic time, domain waveform (TIME mode), dynamic spectrum measurement (FFT mode), data sampling (Sample mode), rotation speed measurement (REV mode).

● The peak value of acceleration, velocity and peak to peak value of displacement are measured.

● Preset the filter’s cut-off frequency of pass band, frequency up to 100Hz.

● Dynamic display the vibration frequency and waveform in real time.

● Continuous data sampling last for 20 seconds

● Powerful data memory management: up to 50 points’infinite data, the measured data of each point is stored in files, users can review the vibration parameters, waveform, frequency data sampling and rotation speed.

● Connected with printer to print out measured data, waveform and spectrum chart.

● Photoelectric transducer for high accurate rotation speed

● Self-diagnosis for malfunction: Alarm sets off if test results out of warning line

● Safe and reliable long-life Li battery with self-protect equipment

● Color LCD display, auto shutdown and buzz alarming


Standard Delivery   Optional Accessory
Main unit 1 Photoelectric keyphasor transducer
Vibration probe TSV-03 1 RS232 cable(for printing)
Magnetic base 1 TPUP-NH thermal printer
Protection sheath 1 Needle groupware
Power adapter 1  
USB communication 1  
SD memory card(2G) 1  
TIME certificate 1  
Warranty card 1  
Instruction manual 1  


Technical Specifications

Sensitivity of Acceleration transducer (mVrms/g) Acceleration (m/s2) Velocity(mm/s) Displacement(μm)
1.0~9.9 1-2,000 1-2,000 10-20,000
10~99 0.2-200 0.2-200 5-2000
Frequency range Acceleration:5Hz~10000Hz
Rotation Speed 300~60000RPM
Tolerance ±5%
Battery Li battery(continuous working for 8hours)
Operating temperature 0~40
Humidity ≤80%RH
Dimensions (mm) 223×122×38
Weight (g) 606

Contact Details
Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Nina

Tel: 86-010-62982299

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