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Digital Universal Hardness Tester TH725

Digital Universal Hardness Tester TH725


Product Details:

Brand Name: TIME
Model Number: 725
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Detailed Product Description


● Large LCD display shows stable and accurate results

● Digital versatile hardness tester for Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers testing

● Conversion among different hardness scales

● Selection of dwell time and setting of time and date

● Storage and printing function

●RS232 interface for optional functions


Rockwell Hardness

Specifications of rockwell hardness
Testing force(N) Initial testing force 98.07(10kg) Tolerance ±2.0%
total testing force 588.4(60kg) Tolerance ±1.0%
Indenter Diamond cone indenter
Ф1.5875mm ball indenter
Max height of samples 175mm


Brinell Hardness

The technical specification of brinell hardness tester  
Testing force 294.2N(30kg) Tolerance ±1.0%
Indenter φ2.5mm,φ5mmBall Indenter
Scales HBW1/30 HBW2.5/31.25 HBW2.5/62.5
HBW5/62.5 HBW10/100 HBW2.5/187.5
Eyepiece magnification 15×
Objective 2.5×(resolution 0.5μm)
5×(resolution 0.25μm)
Max height of sample For 2.5×: max height is 95mm
For 5×: max height is 115mm


Vickers Hardness

Technical specifications of vickers hardness
Test force 294.2N(30kg) Tolerance ±1.0%
Indenter Diamond vickers indenter
Scale HV30 HV100
Eyepiece magnification 15×
Objective magnification 5×(Resolution 0.25μm)
Max. height of specimen 115mm


Technical Specifications

The power source and the voltage AC220V/110V, 50/60 Hz
Time-delayed control 0-60 seconds, adjustable
The distance from the Indenter center
to the instrument body
Overall dimension (length×width×height) 551×260×800 mm
The net weight of the tester 80kg (Approx)


Accessories(Packing List)

Accessories kit of main body   Accessories kit of microscope
No. Description of goods Quantity   No. Description of goods Quantity
1 Diamond cone rockwell indenter 1   1 Digital eyepiece 1
2 φ1.5875mm steel ball indenter 1   2 Seat of microscope in harness 1
3 Large testing table 1   3 Outside light 1
4 Medium testing table 1   4 Inside light 1
5 “V” shaped testing table 1   5 2.5× objective 1
6 0,1,2,3,4 weight Total 5   6 5× objective 1
7 Standard hardness block HRC ( high, lower) Total 2   7 Slipped testing table 1
8 Standard hardness block HRB 1   8 Diamond vickers indenter 1
9 Level bolt 4   9 φ2.5mm,φ5mm ball indenter 2
10 spanner 1   10 Standard vickers hardness block(HV30) 1
11 Power cable 1   11 Standard brinell hardness block(HBW/2.5/187.5) 1
12 Instruction manual 1   12 Gradienter 1
13 Quality certificate 1   13 Fuse 2A 2
14 Plastic Anti-dust Bag 1          

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Beijing TIME High Technology Ltd.

Contact Person: Ms. Nina

Tel: 86-010-62982299

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